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    Welcome to Pinebrook's
    Technology Department
    Meet the Technology Team

    Meet the Technology Team

    Stacey Clark, IFT

    Stacey Clark is your Instructional Facilitator, Technology (IFT). My role as an IFT is to work directly with teachers to use technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experiences for all students. As an IFT, I also provide instructional support for digital citizenship, Project based Learning. Loudoun Creates, and Personalized Learning.


    Tina Stanley, Technology Assistant

    Tina Stanley is your Technology Teacher Assistant (TA). The Technology TA is responsible for serving as a primary technical point of contact for the school. She provides assistance to students and staff in the use of instructional software and computer hardware resources. The tech TA performs troubleshooting procedures and Tier 1 technology support to the school.

    Technology Team snapshot
     At Pinebrook Elementary, the use of technology is integrated into your child's academic day.   Classroom teachers have access to laptops, Chromebooks, Promethean Interactive Whiteboards, as well as regular time in the computer lab, for every content area.  Throughout the school year, students will engage in a variety of technology-rich learning activities.  The Technology Resource Teacher and Technology Assistant are available to assist teachers with lesson research, planning and delivery.



     Available Technologies
    Pinebrook is lucky to have so many other technologies available to teachers and students. We have:

    • 256 Laptops divided into carts for grade-level use.
    • 2 mobile carts of 16 Chromebooks each 
    • 25 wireless keyboards
    • 4 sets of Activ Votes 
    • Document cameras
    • Digital Video camera
    • Flip video cameras
    • 3 classroom sets of NEOs 
         LCD projectors
         Digital microscopes 
         Digital cameras

      Pinebrook students also have a variety of productivity and curriculum based software that they use throughout the year to complete activities and classroom projects or to practice basic skills.  Pinebrook also uses multiple paid subscription websites such as Reflex Math, Pixie, Interactive      Achievement, Study Island, and RazKids.