Welcome to the Pinebrook Elementary Library!
    Ms. Higgins/Ms. Clark
    Mrs. Denise Higgins, Librarian
    Mrs. Danielle Clark, Library Assistant
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    The heart of Pinebrook Elementary, our library is the hub of activity every day.
    We are proud to house a rich, diverse library collection to enrich learning, broaden knowledge, and entertain the masses.   These resources include books, eBooks, nonprint materials, manipulatives, Makerspace materials, and a professional library. 


    Vision and Mission of the Library Media Program


    Mission Statement:  At Pinebrook Elementary, we are committed to meeting the information needs of all students, staff and parents.


       It is our goal to:

    • provide efficient, friendly service
    • create an organized and inviting environment
    • acquire the best new literature available
    • provide quality instruction
    • foster the love of reading and create life-long learners




    Library Hours:


    The library is open to students and staff from 8:00 – 2:30 every school day.  All students have a scheduled library time to visit the library with their class.  However, students are encouraged to visit the library when needed to utilize print and online resources.