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Newton-Lee Physical Education
Grades 1 thru 5 students will have P.E. three times a week.  Our primary objective is to equip students with a variety of skills, strategies and activities that keep them moving throughout their lifetimes!
It is important for students to wear tennis shoes for PE in order for safe participation in all activities.  Students should also remember to wear comfortable clothing on the days that they have PE scheduled.
   If a student must be temporarily excused due to illness or injury, parents please send a note to the PE teacher.  If the illness or injury persists longer than one week, please send a note from the doctor (Physician Activity Checklist).
NEWTON-LEE Physical Education Events and Accomplishments: 
 * One to the World Jump Rope for Heart Event in 2015 featuring 5th Graders as the Teachers
* One to the World Staff Development for Elementary PE teachers
* 3 exciting Olympic Themed Field Days (2008 Beijing Games, 2012 Royal Games, 2016 Rio Carnivale)
* 4 Olympic Themed Ceremonies / Student Performances (2006, 2008, 2010, 2016)
* Teamed with Music to develop an annual Music and PE in 2008
* Annual Jump Rope for Heart Event started in 2006
* N.L.E. After School Enrichment Program
A Tradition of Integrated Field Days!  
Past Years Themes 
2016 Rio Carnivale
 Teacher E-mails