Welcome to MUSIC at Newton-Lee Elementary School 

    Mrs. Ratcliff (Bertoia) and Ms. Stallings are our music teachers.
    All classes in grades K-5 have music for two thirty-minute sessions per week.
    The Loudoun County elementary music curriculum consists of a well-planned sequence of developmentally appropriate experiences leading to clearly defined skills and knowledge. The program is designed to actively involve students of all learning modalities using materials carefully selected for their aesthetic value. The Loudoun County curriculum is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning. 
    Virginia Music Standards of Learning


    Music Theory

    I can read and write music. 

     I can use my thinking skills to analyze and understand how music is organized. 



    I can sing, play instruments, improvise, compose, and move to music.  

    I can perform music. 

     I can understand and use music technology, materials, and equipment. 


    Music History

    I can understand music as it relates to history and how it fits into culture.

     I can understand characteristics in major historical periods of music 

    I can identify many compositional techniques in various styles of music. 

     I can examine relationships among current events, technology, and society.   


    Analysis Evaluation, and Critique

    I can listen to, respond to, reflect on, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and critique music.  



    I can recognize and reflect on the emotional, physical, and intellectual qualities of music.  

    I can understand the meaning of music to the human experience through cultural perspectives by experiencing and evaluating musical compositions and performances.



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Last Modified on August 26, 2019