• Hello, Newton-Lee Elementary School students, parents, staff, and alumni! I am thrilled to be part of such an enthusiastic and supportive educational community!


    In my career I have been blessed to have worked with knowledgeable, positive teaching professionals in many schools and in three states. I have taught in Connecticut, New York, and, of course, Virginia. My school administration experience began at Mill Run ES, which is located here in Ashburn, and then I joined the wonderful team at Pinebrook ES, which is in Aldie. Prior to joining the staff at Newton-Lee ES, I served as the principal of Aldie ES and Middleburg ES, two wonderful, small, and unique schools in rural Loudoun County.


    My wife and I are residents of Loudoun County, and we are proud to be raising our children in Loudoun County Public Schools. The values of our community—hard work, perseverance, family, and its focus on education—are our values. We feel so fortunate to live here.


    The Newton-Lee Elementary school community strives to provide our students with opportunities to foster creativity, develop critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills, as well as content knowledge. We want our students to develop the dispositions and capabilities to make meaningful contributions to our world. We look forward to partnering with all of you in this endeavor.


    Most sincerely,


    Shawn Lyons