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Welcome from the PTA!MTV Moose

On behalf of the PTA and the community here at Mountain View, welcome to the 2016-17 school year! Thank you for your ongoing support of the PTA! Your presence and involvement in your child’s development and education are critical factors in their school success.  When parents are actively engaged in their student's education, students benefit with:
  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Better attitudes and behavior
  • Better school attendance
  • More completed homework assignments
  • Greater likelihood of graduating from high school
  • Better chance of enrolling in postsecondary education.

10 Ways To Be Engaged in Your Student’s Learning and Support Mountain View:

  1. Read the monthly newsletter to keep on top of what is going on at Mountain View.
  2. Show an interest in your child(ren)'s education; ask your child each day to tell you something he or she learned.
  3. Strive for excellence - not perfection; discuss what’s going on the classroom, on-going projects and due dates.
  4. Let your child(ren) know you believe in their ability to succeed in school; remember to praise effort as well as results.
  5. Reinforce good study and sleep habits; establish a daily routine and a quiet place at home where your child(ren) can complete homework; encourage organizational skills.
  6. Support your child(ren)’s overall health with good eating habits and encourage daily exercise.
  7. Volunteer and participate in school events and parent programs to show your child(ren) that you care and are committed to their learning and school success.
  8. Attend Back-to-School Nights, and parent-teacher conferences.
  9. Join the PTA and support the students, faculty, staff, and school.
  10. Attend PTA events and activities, and school programs throughout the year with your child(ren).

Upcoming 2016-17 PTA-Sponsored Events:

  • PTA General Meeting
  • Read-a-Thon Kick-off
  • WATCH D.O.G.S. Kick-off
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Last Modified on October 6, 2016