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    Reading Resource Program
     Mrs. Ro Hochkammer & Ms.  Kristin Cornely
    The mission of the LCPS reading program is to teach all students how to read and comprehend written text so that they may become independent readers and lifelong learners with a firm grasp of the written world that surrounds them.
    A balanced, or comprehensive, literacy approach is used to teach reading.  This includes shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading as well as read-alouds, literature study and explicit skills lessons.
    The LCPS reading program is not based solely on a basal reader, a leveled book or particular text or reading program.  Instead, a variety of methodologies and materials are used to assist students in "learning to read" and "reading to learn".  Each day teachers are expected to read aloud to students to model fluency and the enjoyment of literature.
    The goal of the reading resource program at Mountain View Elementary School is to provide support to struggling readers through direct instruction and as a resource to classroom teachers in meeting the needs of these reluctant readers. 
    A reading resource session involves two important components:
       1) word study
       2) reading for fluency and comprehension
    Word Study:
       Word study is a developmental approach to spelling.  Students study word patterns and use what they know to unlock what they don't know.  It's all about application!  As students become competent and confident, they move through the various spelling stages, always beginning with words they know. Word work includes:
          --sorting the week's words
          --writing the words in pattern columns
          --searching for words using those patterns in familiar texts
    Reading for Fluency and Comprehension:
       Students read texts on their instructional level--that is, books that are neither too simple nor too difficult!  Students become confident readers by reading the same text several times.  We practice timed repeated readings, focusing on increasing reading speed while reducing reading miscues.  Students enjoy graphing these results.  
    Putting it All Together:
       Comprehension is making meaning from text.  "I just don't get it!"  is the cry from many students.  So. . .we work on strategies.  Just as there are many types of learners, so too, are there many ways to make reading "click" for them.   These include:
             retelling stories
             drawing and labeling
             using graphic organizers
             creative note taking
             reciprocal teaching
             acting out the text
    Finally, it's all about "cheering"  and "choice."
          Teachers and parents are the cheerleaders, encouraging our students, telling them they CAN DO IT!  We must give students a choice about what they read--genre, topic, format--on a level where they can read.  
Last Modified on August 14, 2020