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            Welcome to Physical Education!

                Regular physical activity is an essential component in your child’s well being. Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevent bone loss, manage stress, improve self-esteem, increase muscular strength and endurance, provide an environment to build healthy peer relationships and even lead to higher academic achievement.

                In P.E. students will participate in a variety of physical activities that promote the development of skilled movement and encourage the maintenance of physical fitness. Through various methods of instruction, P.E. students will become knowledgeable about lifelong health and wellness through proper nutrition and physical activity. Our goal is to prepare and encourage students to practice learned skills and concepts to be healthy and active for a lifetime. We strive to establish a positive, safe learning environment where students of all levels can be successful.

                Some important P.E. notes: It is important that students wear proper clothing and footwear (running shoes) appropriate for exercise during PE class. In addition, students are encouraged to dress in layers and wear sunscreen for outdoor PE, especially as the weather changes. If a student needs to be excused from physical activity, please send a note. Any injury/illness that requires a student to miss 3 or more days of PE class requires a doctor’s note. Students attend Physical Education class 3 days per week but also engage in various exercise programs throughout the school week.

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Last Modified on February 25, 2021