• Mission Statement and Philosophy
    "All Children can learn and it is the shared responsibility of our staff, our parents and our community."
    Our mission is to create an environment where all children enjoy learning and will achieve to the best of their ability.  Each will develop a strong foundation in academics, technology and the arts while building character traits necessary to become productive citizens. 

    To achieve our goal, so that "no child is left behind", we will maintain a school climate that:
    • Makes the educational experience a collaborative effort involving parents, teachers, students, staff and the community;
    • Teaches a strong, developmentally appropriate instructional program across all areas of the curriculum, recognizing the unique talents and abilities of our students; 
    • Integrates technology into all aspects of learning, enabling our students to think, use and analyze information, solve problems and communicate effectively;
    • Promotes pride in self, community and country through the character development traits of responsibility, respect, citizenship, fairness and trustworthiness and;
    • Examines and institutes new teaching methods and staff development opportunities as appropriate to promote excellence for all.
    At Mountain View, we will "measure our successes, one child at a time"!
Last Modified on August 14, 2018