• Resource Team

    Resource Team  
    people Our wonderful Para-Professionals are Diane Anzalone, Kim Crisp, Dawn Crowson, Jill Fisher, Emily Jimenez, Juliana Jones, Amy McNamee, Leslie Pompilio, and Mellany Weaver. We appreciate their dedication to the students each day.
    book Reading Rockets
    Reading Rockets is a link to WETA. This site created in association with the American Library Association, it contains resources on teaching kids to read.
    help LD Online
    LD Online is another link to WETA's site with a list of resources that provides information on a variety of topics.
    bee Earobics
    Earobics is Cognitive Concepts' award-winning educational software which systematically teaches the critical foundational skills for reading and spelling.
    mbox Parent Resources
    The Parent Resource Center(PRC) is located at 20 Union Street, NW  in Leesburg.. It provides information on a variety of topics and is an excellent resource. The phone number is 571-252-2185. PRC periodically provides information on workshops and other events in the area for families that have students with disabilities. You can contact: allyson.pate@lcps.org or pamala.spiering@lcps.org for any further information.
Last Modified on May 3, 2019