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    The “Arts and Sports Achievement” Program
     Students at Mill Run have the opportunity to earn a certificate for attending music, art and sports programs in the area.  After attending an event, have them show Mr. Snead or Mrs. Geiger proof of attendance by filling out the "Arts and Sports Award Submission Form", and Mr. Snead and Mrs. Geiger will record the events attended.  PLEASE FILL OUT AND RETURN THE FORM - NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!  Students will receive an "Arts and Sports Achievement" certificate at the end of the year for participating.  For attending ten  or more events, a special "Mill Run Mountain Lion" foil sticker will be added!!! 
    Music, art and sports programs that are acceptable are as follows:
    • Attending a sporting event
    • Attending a concert, recital, or theater production
    • Attending an art show or gallery
    • Visiting a museum
    • Participation in a sport
    • Dancing lessons and recitals
    • Private music lessons and recitals
    August 24, 2017 and  May 11, 2018
     This program is an excellent way to encourage student and family attendance in arts and sports events.
         The Art, Music, and P.E. teachers of Mill Run Elementary
    Entries and lists of activities must be received by Mr. Snead and Mrs. Geiger by May 11th.  We will not accept any submissions after the 11th of May.  No exceptions!  We appreciate your help and understanding! 

Last Modified on September 7, 2017