• Welcome to Mill Run's English Language Learner program 

    Teacher - Jeannie Rizzo     Grades KG-5  Mill Run Elementary jrizzo@lcps.org
    Teacher - Christine Perez      Grades KG-5  Mill Run Elementary  Christine.Perez@lcps.org
    Phone number: 571-252-2160

    ELL program provides ELL students with instruction in the English language by emphasizing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through the use of a structured English language approach.

    ELL students enrolled in kindergarten are eligible to attend school full-day. All students identified as ELL will receive ELL services in their kindergarten classrooms.  ELL teachers will work with kindergarten teachers to provide services in the most inclusive manner possible.


    ELL students spend the majority of their day in their classrooms with English-speaking peers. ELL students are provided services through sheltered content instruction and/or co-teaching of core content subject areas, often through lessons based on the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). The ELL teacher works closely with the classroom teacher to provide the most appropriate services and to support the academic content being taught within a language framework. This is done by reinforcing academic vocabulary, using strategies specific to ELL instruction, and by modifying and adapting materials, instruction, and curriculum based on individual student language needs. 




Last Modified on June 13, 2017