For an absence to be considered excused the parent or guardian must call the attendance line at 571-252-2302 by 10:30 a.m. to report an all day absence or a late arrival to school. If the parent does not call the day of the absence or send a note upon the student’s return to school within 48 hours, the student’s absence is unexcused which will result in disciplinary action.

    Pre-arranged Absences:

    This type of absence includes college visits, family travel, and any other absence exceeding 3 consecutive days and are in some cases UNEXCUSED.  These type of absences should be communicated in writing prior to the absence and given to the attendance office for approval from the Principal. These request forms are available in the attendance office.  Medical or illness absences exceeding 3 consecutive days must have a medical note from the physician to be considered EXCUSED.

    Tardies, Absences and Participation in After-School Activities:

    To participate in an after-school activity, students must arrive to school by 9:15 a.m., on the day of the activity. They must also remain in school all day unless they have an excuse approved by the Principal.  Any student tardy to school must bring a note from that particular office (doctor, dental, etc.) upon arriving in order to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities that day.  Students receiving a clinic dismissal for illness during the school day will not be permitted to participate in after-school activities.

    Excessive Absences:

    Any student who has accumulated an excessive loss of school time, as determined by administration, may be required to provide medical verification for future absences to be excused.  These loss of time includes absences, excessive eraly dismissals, tardies and late arrivals to one or more classes.

    Make-up Work Due to Absences:

    Whenever a student has an excused absence, a reasonable amount of time consistent with the length of the absence will be given to make up the work.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher for this work. When a student misses a previously announced quiz, test, project, or other assignment, the student is expected to hand in the assignment and complete the work on the day he/she returns to school, unless prior arrangements are made with the teacher. Failure to complete such make-up work within the time allowed may result in a failing grade for those assignments, tests, or projects. Make-up work turned in within the time allowed will be graded on the same basis as other work.

    Early Release for Seniors:

    In certain cases students may be granted a waiver to attend school less than a full day. Such a waiver must be initiated through the counseling department and must be approved in advance by the principal. Typically, this is reserved for seniors who have met various state and school board criteria or students enrolled in co-op programs. If an early release student is assigned to In-School Restriction, he or she is expected to remain until 3:48 p.m. Students on Early Release are to leave school grounds immediately after their last class, unless they have prior approval of the principal. During SOL testing or other occasions requiring revised schedules which result in a later dismissal, students with Early Release must make appropriate arrangements so that they can attend classes that meet after the time designated for Early Release.

    Avoiding the revocation of Early Release:

    Students are reminded that Early Release is a privilege that students earn and it may be revoked for various reasons. In order to maintain this privilege, students must:

    • Pass all SOL tests required for graduation,
    • Maintain a B average in courses required for graduation
    • Maintain a C average in elective courses
    • Have no more than four tardies to school per quarter.
    • Have no more than three absences from any class per quarter.
    • Have not committed any rules infractions that would have resulted in ISR or out-of-school suspension.


    Truancy (Unexcused absences from school):

    • 1st Offense — Detention (4-4:30PM) served in the library
    • 2nd Offense — Friday School (4—6pm) served in library
    • 3rd Offense — Other disciplinary consequences


    Leaving Campus Without Permission:

    • 1st Offense —  One day of In-School Restriction
    • 2nd Offense — Two days of In-School Restriction; Hall pass restriction for two weeks and parent conference
    • 3rd Offense —  Three days of In-School Restriction; Hall pass restriction for nine weeks
    • 4th Offense —  Other disciplinary consequences by the Administration

    Participation in Extra-curricular Activities:

    • To participate in an evening activity, students must arrive to school by 9:30 a.m. and remain all day unless they have prior approval by the principal. Failure to be in school by 9:30 a.m. and remaining all day will result in the person not being able to practice, play, or participate that day or night.
    • Know and abide by eligibility requirements, state and local rules and expectations. Leave nothing to chance - if in doubt consult sponsor, coach, or administrator.
    • Report directly to activities.
    • When returning from an event or practice, report directly to the sponsor or coach.