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Welcome to Lucketts Music!

Congratulations to our All County Chorus Participants, Jason Ross and Evie Lashey!
   Jason smiles on Friday before rehearsal. Evie arrives and awaits in excitement for the singing to begin.                                                                         Students rehearse on Friday from 10am-5pm. Students rehearse before the concert. Jason and Evie are on the end.                                                                                                            
National Children's Chorus Auditions Thursday, April 27th 2017

The National Children's Chorus in Washington D.C. is holding an audition THIS THURSDAY, April 27th. This information is from the brochure: "The National Children's Chorus is located in the metropolitan area and provides musically talented children the opportunity to learn and grow in an extraordinary environment. The finest instructors work weekly with students to develop their vocal skills from the most basic concepts through the college level. Tone quality, breath support, and musical expression are cultivated within the individual singers, while working together as an ensemble culminates in world-class performances at National City Christian Church and beyond. With a spectacular musicianship curriculum to accompany its first-rate vocal training, the National Children's Chorus is an unparalleled educational resource for children who love to sing! If your child has musical ability, don't waste another minute- visit to set up an audition today!"

There are three choruses for ages 5-12 years old.