The Language Arts Program at Lowes Island
    The mission of the Loudoun County Public Schools is to teach all students how to read and comprehend written text so that they may become independent readers and lifelong learners.  At the elementary level, a variety of instructional methodologies are employed to assist students in learning to read and reading to learn.
    What is VALLS?
    The Virginia Language and Literacy Screener, formerly known as PALS, is the state provided screening tool for Virginia's Early Intervention Reading Initiative. VALLS is administered in grades K-2. The major purpose of VALLS is to identify those students who are below grade-level expectations and may be in need of additional reading instruction.
    What is UFLI?
    UFLI (University of Florida Literacy Institute) is an explicit and systematic program that teaches students the foundational skills necessary for proficient reading. It follows a carefully developed scope and sequence designed to ensure that students systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply each skill with automaticity and confidence. The program is designed to be used for core instruction in the primary grades or for intervention with struggling students in any grade.
    What is Word Study?
    Word Study is a learner-centered approach to instruction in phonics, spelling, word recognition, and vocabulary.  In this spelling program the students learn about words through examination of specific phonetic features by sorting, making, manipulating, and writing words, as well as a variety of other activities.  Participation in this program will help all students understand the relationships among sounds, spelling patterns, and word meanings.