• Course Objective:

    The overall mission of Physical Education is to enable students to develop positive attitudes and behaviors towards physical fitness and lifetime sports.  Our emphasis will be on developmentally appropriate activities in order for students to become aware of specific body movements and how they are incorporated into physical activity.  As students progress through the elementary years, skills are combined and sequenced in patterns that can be applied in many lifetime activities.

    P.E. Classroom Rules:

    I am ready.

    ·         Once teacher invited by the teacher, students may enter quietly and walk around the gym on the black line.

    ·         Students must wear appropriate shoes (Ex: tennis shoes).

    ·         Sit on squad spot quietly waiting for directions

    I am respectful.

    ·         Use the equipment properly

    ·         Listen to the teacher

    ·         Keep hands to self

    ·         When you hear the whistle, hands on knees and eyes on teacher.

    ·         Students are asked to hold question of using the bathroom or getting a drink or water until after the directions have been given.

    I am responsible.

    ·         Follow directions

    ·         Work cooperatively with peers and demonstrate leadership skills

    ·         Students will need a parent note to sit out of class.  A doctor’s note must be presented for any period beyond a week. A checklist of activities that the            student may take part in while recovering from the illness or injury must be complete by the doctor. 

    ·         Students must ask permission from a teacher before going anywhere outside the gym.


    Discipline Plan:

    1st Offense- Verbal warning.

    2nd Offense- Sit out to complete “PE Reflection” and discussion with the teacher before re-entering the activity.

    3rd Offense- Conference with classroom teacher.

    4th Offense- Call home.

    5th Offense- Conference with administration. 


    Reward System:

    ·         Verbal Praise- specific and positive

    ·         PBIS- instated reward for a student displaying exceptional behavior during PE class with earn a Awesome Pawsome.

    ·         “Check Yourself”- A class can earn one sticker on per class for demonstrating the 3 R’s.  A sticker will be placed on the chart next to their teacher’s name.  Once a class has received 15 stickers, they will be rewarded a “free choice” activity on the day of their choosing.  Once a class reaches 15 stickers, they will start over to earn another 15.