• Dear Parents:

    We need you as a partner in your child's education. You can help us in several ways;

    1. Be supportive of your child's efforts.
    2. Call your child's teacher with questions, first, rather than the parents of other students.  Be a positive part of the Lowes Island  team!
    3. Find a place in your home for your child to keep school materials, along with a quiet place in which to work and study.
    4. Write your child's name on his/her backpack, lunch box, clothing, and other belongings.
    5. Teach your child to accept responsibility for his/her actions and to respect the rights and belongings of others.
    6. Be supportive of the school's programs and of the efforts of the parent organization.
    Additionally, be certain your child knows the following vital pieces of information:

    1. His/her full name

    2. Address

    3. Home telephone number

    4. Full name of mother and father

    5. How to get to school

    6. How to get home from school

    7. Full name and phone number of child care provider

    8. Emergency plan for early dismissal or closing of school