"Home of the Learning Leopards"


    Dear Friends,


    I am delighted to serve as the principal of Lowes Island Elementary School! Our school has a rich tradition of academic excellence where school staff and parents work closely together to make sure every child meets with success in a loving environment. Our school motto is "Children First" and we pride ourselves in making decisions that are always in the best interest of the children.

    I am proud of the talented group of teachers who work hard to provide meaningful lessons to children and make learning fun! We have a wonderful support staff that is devoted to providing exceptional service to all our children. Finally, we are blessed with supportive parents who value education and assist the staff in providing the best education possible for the children of Lowes Island Elementary. Our school is a wonderful example of parents working closely together with the staff to make every child successful and self confident.

    Please know that my door is always open to children, parents, and visitors. I value suggestions and new ideas to make our school community even better. I look forward to seeing our parents continue to support and be active members of our PTO. I hope you will take some time and visit Lowes Island Elementary this year. I promise you will see first hand many exciting activities and be impressed with the enthusiasm the staff and children have for learning. One of our major goals is for everyone in our educational community to be life long learners. I look forward to seeing each of you very soon!

    Your Principal,

    Bruce Shafferman