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      Katie Routzahn       Monday-Friday K-5th                  


      Each student at Lovettsville Elementary will take part in the school guidance and counseling program. The school counselor is responsible for the organization and management of the program. The ASCA National Model provides the mechanisms with which the school counselor will design, coordinate, implement, manage, and evaluate the program for student success.

      School counselors work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to help students succeed in school and prepare for meaningful, productive living. The program is child-centered, developmental and preventative. It encourages students’ academics, social/emotional, and career awareness at the stage of their development.  Counseling services are inclusive and respectful of differences in gender, religion, ethnicity, race, ability, socioeconomic status, disability, and age.

       Mission Statement
       The Lovettsville Elementary School Counseling program provides a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive curriculum to address the academic, career, and personal/social needs of all students in our increasingly diverse community. The program is based on a belief that all students can achieve to their highest abilities when school and home work together to create life-long learners and productive citizens.  
      The program supports the Lovettsville Elementary mission of "Building leaders who have a voice to make a difference in the world". 


        What do School Counselors Do?


      ·        Individual counseling

      ·        Group counseling

      ·        Classroom lessons for all students

      ·        Respond to student needs in crisis situations

      ·        Orients students to new school settings

      ·        Participates actively in the referral process of students to special programs and/or services

      ·        Conducts conferences with parents

      ·        Facilitates parent, teacher workshops/discussion groups

      ·        Adheres to ethical and legal standards


          How is a Student Referred to the School Counselor?

           ·        Self-Referral            
      Teacher, Administrator or Staff
           ·        Parent Referral
           ·        Counselor Observation 


                  For More Information About School Counselors

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