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    The newspaper meets during a block class period every other day.  These students are the writers, photographers and editors of the BRHS newspaper, The Spartan.  Journalism is a prerequisite.  The hierarchy of the staff includes an editor-in-chief, section editors, and staff writers.  There are also photographers and graphic artists.  The students are responsible for the entire process of putting the student’s newspaper together. Beginning with the story ideas all the way to the layout, the student’s work together to produce the paper.  The students use industry standard software in the creation of the paper such as: Adobe InDesign for layout, Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, and Microsoft Word for writing copy. 


    The policy of The Spartan is:  The Spartan will deal with issues relevant to the students and faculty.  The Spartan and its staff will (1) be objective, (2) not promote private interests contrary to the general welfare of the students and faculty, (3) allow individual opinions to be expressed through non-staff members with signed letters to the editor and guest editorials and (4) recognize positive areas of achievement.


    Recipient of the Virginia High School League Trophy and Columbia Scholastic Press Association 1st Place.


    The editors and staff member will not solicit advertisements of a political, philosophical or cause-oriented nature.  All ads will be screened by the editors to assure compliance with the ad policy of this publication.


    The Spartan head logo was designed by Jason Smith, 1996.


    The Spartan welcomes letters to the editor as an open discussion of school and community issues.   All letters must be signed by the writer, and may be delivered to Room 308, or dropped off in the main office.