• Instructional Technology
    Our mission is to empower students to make meaningful contributions to the world.
    It is our belief that technology can both support and enhance learning!
    We spend lots of time learning how to be a good digital citizen.

    Kindergarten will focus on finding a happy balance between our online and offline activities, saying goodbye to technology when we don’t want to, and going places safely online.

    1st Grade will focus on being safe, responsible, and respectful online, listening to our feelings when using technology, and staying safe when visiting a website or app.

    2nd Grade will be introduced to the digital citizenship characters who remind us how to be good digital citizens.  Students will also focus on why it’s important to have device free moments, what kinds of information we should keep to ourselves when using the internet, who makes up our online community, and what we should do if someone is mean to us online.

    3rd Grade students will create a strong password and learn how it helps to protect one’s privacy.  Students will also focus on learning to take  responsibility for ourselves, our communities, and the world, and learn about what we should do when someone uses mean or hurtful language on the internet.

    4th Grade will focus on media balance and how to make a healthy choice when it comes to media, keeping private information about ourselves, family, and friends private and what is OK to share online.  Students will also learn how our online activities affect the digital footprints of ourselves and others.

    5th Grade will learn about how our digital footprint shapes our future, what media balance means for each of us, and how we can keep online friendships safe.

Last Modified on September 1, 2022