Welcome to the School Counseling Department 

     This year we are happy to have three school counselors working with our eagles!  
    Mrs. Terry will be here every day and works will students in grades 3-5.  She is available to meet with all students on days when our other team members are not in the building.  
    Ms. Nawojchik is returning to Little River for the third year.  She is primarily working with students in 2nd Grade this year.  She will be at the River on Fridays.  We will be sharing Ms. Nawojchik with Cardinal Ridge Elementary.  
    Mrs. Siker is returning to Little River for the second year.  She is primarily working with students in 1st Grade.  She will be at Little River every Wednesday.  Her other school is Waterford Elementary.
    All counselors are available to assist all of our families at Little River.  Please let us know if you need any help throughout the school year!    
    School counselors provide individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons. Counselors focus on academic, career, and personal/social concerns. In addition, counselors are available to consult with parents on an as-needed basis.
    Individual counseling is available for students with a variety of concerns including, but not limited to: anger, anxiety, death, friendship troubles, bullying, work habits, deployment, divorce/changing families, or any other issues that make it difficult to focus on school success. If more than one student faces the same struggle, small group counseling is available. Typically groups are held during lunch to avoid a conflict with classroom instruction. Every student is provided classroom guidance lessons on a bi-weekly basis.
    Parents, to meet with a counselor please call 703-957-4362 or send us an email.