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Welcome to the Little River Elementary School Library 
 Little River Elementary
Our Librarian, Mrs. Charlotte Steele & our Library Assistant, Mrs. Renee Shanahan welcome you to the Little River School Library. 
Stop by and check out the books and other resources in our library!  Remember, the library is not just for the students.  Faculty and staff are always welcome to check out books, magazines, videos, and AV equipment. 


Library Hours

The library is open to students and staff from 8:00 – 2:50 every school day.  All students have a scheduled time to visit the library with their class.  However, students are encouraged to visit the library when needed to utilize print and online resources.

Magazine Subscriptions


Little River Elementary subscribes to numerous magazines and journals.  Each year we will revise our subscriptions based upon your interests and needs.  Let us know which magazines you enjoy the most and if there are any others you would like to see in the library.

Contact your librarians:

Little River Elementary Phone Number: 703.957.4360
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