• Dr. Farrell
    Instructional Facilitator, Technology
    I am so very happy to be a part of your child's education here at Lincoln.
    I have been working in education for over 30 years as a Special Educator (LD & ED), a Technology Resource Teacher, and as a Staff Development Trainer.  I did my undergraduate work at Penn State (Rehabilitation Education), and my graduate studies at George Mason University (M.Ed. in Special Education and Ph.D. in Instructional Technology/Education Leadership).
    It is my firm belief that we are to help students become good users of information - that is, they need to be able to understand where to look and how to find information when needed.  When they leave Lincoln after the fifth grade, they should have built a knowledge base to enable them choose the best digital tools and applications for a given task. I will work with their teachers so that students will be familiar with productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. They will have a basic knowledge of communication tools and will be familiar with safety protocol involving online communication, to augment the safety guidelines established by their parents at home. Teachers and the school Librarian will help your children learn to search for quality information in the myriad of  electronic sources available, and your student will begin to learn how to evaluate the reliability of a source. 
    Outside school, my family and I are avid supporters the Washington Nationals and of the Performing Arts. We love seeing young people explore their talents and skills on stage and in the wings. In fact, my daughter is a professional actress, who began her love of music in Loudoun County Schools. Stop by to talk theater or technology with me!
    I will be splitting my time between Waterford and Lincoln Elementary Schools.
Last Modified on September 7, 2021