The Loudoun County elementary music curriculum consists of a well-planned sequence of developmentally appropriate experiences leading to clearly defined skills and knowledge.K-5 Students will receive two 30 minute classes each week. The program is designed to actively involve students of all learning modalities using materials carefully selected for their aesthetic value. The Loudoun County curriculum is specifically aligned with the Music Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools and also relate to the National Standards for Arts Education



    The content of the Music Standards of Learning is intended to support 
    the following goals for students:

    • Develop the ability to read and notate music.
    • Develop an understanding of music through experiences in singing, playing instruments, listening, and moving.
    • Create compositions that transform their thoughts and emotions into concrete forms of human musical expression.
    • Exercise critical-thinking skills by investigating and analyzing all facets of the music discipline.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of and responsibility for the safe and ethical use of materials, equipment, methods, and technologies
    • Demonstrate understanding of the relationship of music to history and culture
    • Make connections between music and other fields of knowledge.
    • Articulate personal aesthetic preferences and apply aesthetic criteria for making artistic choices.
    • Nurture a lifelong appreciation for music as an integral component of an educated, cultured society.
    • Develop awareness of copyright and royalty requirements when rehearsing, performing, or otherwise using the works of others.
    For a more in depth look at the music SOLs, click here.
    How are students graded in music?
    4 = E (Student exceeds standards)
    3 = M (Student meets standards)
    2 = P (Student is progressing toward standards)
    1 = B (Student is below standards) 




Last Modified on August 18, 2022