Mr. McIntosh, Instructional Facilitator, Technology
    Mrs. Ashkar, Digital Experience Specialist
    The Instructional Facilitator, Technology (IFT) will promote the thoughtful use of technology by teachers and students with the goal of having an impact on student achievement. Changing the way teachers engage students in the learning process is crucial to the effective use of technology and ultimately to the development of a life-long habit and desire for learning. To support teachers in this endeavor, each school has an Instructional Facilitator, Technology (IFT) and one or more Technology Assistants (TA) who, working as a team with others, collaborate with teachers to develop engaging lessons and responsible use of technology.

    The IFT is an experienced teacher who has either completed or is in the process of completing a masters degree. The IFT manages the technology resources in the school, provides workshops and just-in-time training, models effective strategies for teachers, and teams with teachers as they plan and adopt new tools and strategies. The IFT also consults with teachers individually to meet specific classroom needs and individual initiatives.

Last Modified on August 13, 2022