•  Soaring Into Technology

    Unlike "Specialist" programs such as art, music, and physical education, technology is not a supplemental class that students attend with a different teacher.  Loudoun County’s model is for technology to be integrated seamlessly across the curriculum.  Students will participate in a variety of technology-rich lessons in both the classroom and the computer lab designed by their teachers to coincide with other instruction.  The role of the TRT is primarily to assist teachers in their ongoing technology staff development and lesson planning while the role of the Technology Assistant is primarily to assist students and teachers when they are using the computer lab.

    Recycling Program
         Every few months, we send off our used inkjet and laserjet cartridges in return for money that is put back into the technology budget at Leesburg Elementary. All brands and types of cartridges are accepted. If you would like to donate any empty ink cartridges, there is a box in the back of the computer lab where they are collected.
     Recycle Ink