• Fourth Quarter Plans

    First grade students will continue to learn strategies for audiating simple melodies that contain quarter notes, paired eighth notes, and quarter rests, and that employ pitches mi, so, and la.  The concept of meter is presented by recognizing, responding to, and identifying patterns of strong and weak beats. Students will be demonstrate knowledge of sectional forms by participating in and performing traditional folk, circle, and line dances. Finally, pitched percussion instruments are introduced; students will perform and create accompaniments to known songs.  Instruments used will primarily include voice and Orff instruments.

    Second grade students will begin study of the baritone ukulele this quarter. Students will learn strumming technique and chord shapes, and will practice the fine-motor skills neccesary for changing chords. Musical concepts introduced throughout the year are modeled and reinforced. Students will accompany themselves while singing simple songs that employ one, two, or three chords. Chord functions (tonic, dominant, dominant-preparation) are thusly introduced, but are not presented and labeled at this time. The unit concludes with introducing the twelve-bar blues musical structure.
    Third grade students will complete their study of the instrument families. Students will then complete a unit on the baritone ukulele. Students will use two and three chords to accompany their singing with a simple strum pattern. The third graders will then move on to a dance unit.
    Fourth grade students will compose and perform an original rhythm piece. Through this project, students will demonstrate knowledge in many areas: rhythm, melody, texture, form, expression, and timbre. The year concludes with the annual performance of the Colonial Fair.
    Fifth grade students will continue preparing for middle-school music by participating in several vocal, and percussion ensembles this quarter. In addition to performances within the classroom, students will prepare for two public performances: one during the annual DARE ceremony, and the other during the annual End-Of-Year awards ceremony. The fifth graders will also complete a dance unit.