2009-2010 DISTRICT CHAMPS
    Signet is a county-wide program that caters to the enrichment of Loudoun’s gifted and talented youth. In particular, the Signet Club at Broad Run participates in both the Loudoun County Scholastic Challenge, as well as the Dulles District Academic Competitions.


    The Loudoun County Scholastic Challenge takes place twice a year, once in November and once in April. This event takes place during the school day and features four Loudoun County schools competing against one another in a struggle for academic superiority. Three rounds of competition cover questions dealing with English, Math, Science, and History.


    The Dulles District Academic Competition involves after-school meets where two schools go head-to-head for three rounds of questioning. This year has been very exciting, as we won the regular season district title and will compete in the Regional Scholastic Challenge Bowl on Saturday February 6th at Charlottesville High School.
    If you have any questions, please see either Ms. Susbilla
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