Tolbert Vision 20/20

    Developed August 2016



    Empowering all students to be productive and respectful global thinkers, contributors and citizens.


    Core Beliefs:

    1. A culture of continuous improvement drives the fulfillment of our mission

    2. Collaborative partnerships with families and our community enhance our excellence

    3. An inclusive, safe, caring, and challenging learning environment serves as the foundation for student growth

    4. High quality responsive instruction promotes student motivation and growth.


    Strategic Goals:

    1. Develop knowledgeable and respectful critical thinkers,communicators, collaborators, creators, and contributors

    2. Cultivate a high performing team of professionals focused on our mission and goals

    3. Provide high quality responsive instruction that is authentic, relevant, child centered and meets individual student needs

    4. Communicate effectively among all the members of the Tolbert community