• Counselor Team

    Horizon Elementary School Counselors ...
    • provide Comet's Classroom Counseling (3 Cs lessons) every other week in each classroom.  These classroom lessons will help students develop strong personal and social skills, skills to help them succeed in school and college and career awareness.
    • provide Small Group Counseling based on identified student needs.  These groups may be formed based on teacher, parent or student self-referrals.  They are designed to allow students to interact with their peers who are dealing with the same concerns or working on the same skills.  These groups generally meet for 6 weeks for 30 minutes sessions.  Permission form will be sent home before services are provided.
    • provide Individual Short Term Counseling for students who need extra support at school.  Teachers, parents and administration can make referrals for individual counseling.  We will usually meet once every week or two.   Permission form will be sent home before services are provided.
    •  provide support for parents through consultations, referrals to outside agencies and providing community information and resources.
    • collaborate with classroom teachers to support the educational environment and to foster a positive school climate for all students.
    • abide by the American School Counselor Association's (ASCA) Ethical Standards.


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Last Modified on August 24, 2022