•  summer

    We hope students will take some time to relax and have fun over the summer, but we also hope they will continue their learning in various ways over the summer too. Prior to the end of the school year, students were given information about resources they can use to continue their learning and/or practicing and strengthening their skills throughout the summer. Links to the additional resources shared with students are posted below.

    Students are encouraged to continue reading over the summer using hand-held books and the various online programs they have used for reading this school year. Some of these programs include Epic and MacinVia, both accessible through LCPS Go. In addition, students have also been encouraged to participate in the Loudoun County Public Library's summer reading program.

    Students have also been encouraged to continue using the Dream Box and/or Prodigy online math programs several times a week at home over the summer. We hope this will help them practice, maintain, and/or strengthen their math skills. They will have access to these programs through LCPS Go throughout the summer as well.

    Resources for Summer Reading

    Math Summer Choice Board

    Writing Summer Choice Board

    Summer SEL Choice Board