• Ms. Sheri Campbell - Room 10 
    Ms. Campbell is a graduate of Davis & Elkins College in West Virginia. She has been a part of Hillside’s professional family since the school opened in 1998 and taught kindergarten for the first ten years of her career here. Throughout her educational career, Ms. Campbell has had experience working in art therapy programs in her home state of Pennsylvania as well as private kindergarten programs in Virginia. During the school years of 2011 and 2020, Ms. Campbell was nominated for The Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award. She is really looking forward to teaching first grade again this year with her amazing Hillside colleagues and classroom families!
    ~Additional Information About Me~
    I'm a Washington Capitals fan-GO CAPS!
    The theme of our room...anything lime green or turtle related
    I have a rescue dog named Cindi Lou
    I enjoy cooking, baking, home projects, and walking Cindi Lou
    I live in Charles Town, WV
    I LOVE teaching
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