•                                                                 Mr. Legg's Schedule  
                                             A Days                                                         
                                              Period 1    English 10 Honors      1610
                                             Period 2    Planning                    1610
                                             Period 3    DE English                 1610
                                             Period 4    Duty: Study Hall         1610
                                             B Days                                                 
                                             Period 5     DE English                1610
                                             Period 6     DE English                1610
                                             Period 8     English 10 Honors      1610  

    Dual Enrollment Registration Link: https://richardblandcollege.formstack.com/forms/dual_enrollment_registration_form 

    Eng 10 H CodesPeriod 1:2j6pzrh Period 8: uwpqo6n DE Eng 12 Codes Period 3c20kl2 Period 5744hct Period 6:1ayi00e 

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    I am beyond thrilled to be with you at Rock Ridge!

    I was at Briar Woods for eleven years, having helped Ed Starzenski and some of my current favorite co-workers open the school, after ten years at Loudoun County High School, where I left behind a terrific group of colleagues I still consider friends, and sixteen years at two other schools. This is my 40th year of teaching, and I still love what I do!
    I have

    • a B.A. in English from Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut), 1970;
    • a Master's in Education from Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts), 1981;
    • Certification as Teacher Consultant for the Northern Virginia Writing Project, 2014.

    and am

    • an Adjunct Professor of English, Northern Virginia Community College, 2015; aand Richard Bland, 2016.

    I was honored two school years ago to be recognized as a Washington Post Outstanding Teacher Award nominee.  
    I am an active, involved dad with two sons - Alan (28), in sales and setting sales records (when he is not skydiving or Double Black Diamond skiing), a recent graduate of UVA, and the owner of a new home in Reston; and Kent ("Eddie" - 24),  who is a personal trainer (assisting Rhys at One Life!) and coaching soccer for the Barcelona FC after his Southern New Hampshire University soccer team won the Division 2 National Championship in 2013. Their mom is Mary, an attorney; and their stepfather is Dan. 
    You may E-MAIL ME at any time.  In the event of a pressing matter, feel free to call or text my cell phone (703-402-7170).  Please do not abuse this privilege.


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