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Welcome to Hillside's  Physical Education Site
Welcome to Hillside one and all!!!
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 Get outside and Play!!!  
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Congratulations to our Winners for 2016:
Ages 6-7 -    Boys: 1st Charlie Hartmann 2nd Cayden Porr 3rd Benjamin Roshak
                     Girls:  1st Lily Burne  2nd Gauri Anaya Thota
Ages 8-9 -    Boys: 1st Kevin Bermingham  2nd Thomas Roshak  3rd James Price & Josh Winklosky
                     Girls:    1st Sarah Cherrat   2nd  Ashley Porr
Ages 10-11 - Boys: 1st Alex Crabb  2nd Tommy Hartmann  3rd Cameron Gilley
                      Girls:  1st Holly Bermingham  2nd Laya Andripalli
Ages 12-13 - Boys 1st Evan Rutkowski  2nd Jake Roth 
building healthy kids  
 Grades 3, 4, 5:
 Study Guide for the 5 Components of Physical Fitness and Intensity Levels.