• HCA Breakfast and Lunch Program, 2023-’24:

    Please use the link below to view HCA’s menus, place money on your children’s accounts, apply for Free/ Reduced Lunch, and learn more about the LCPS nutritional program.


     MENU - Hillsboro Charter Academy



    Breakfast:  $2.10 (Adults: $3.65)                       Lunch: $3.05 (Adults: $4.10)



    • Breakfast and Lunch Offered Daily
    • Multiple lunch (including vegetarian) options are available each day.
    • Parents will receive notification if/when a negative balance exists, so they can put more money on their children’s accounts.


    • Use the link above to explore the Nutritional Services site.  On that site…
    • Under the “Menu” tab, click on “View Menus Here”.  Use the school dropdown menu in the upper left corner and click on “Hillsboro Charter Academy” to see our school’s menus. You can toggle between the “breakfast” and “lunch” menus.
    • Understand that occasionally, a last minute change may be made to the menus, based upon food/ ingredients availability.
    • Under the “Meal Prices & Payment Options” tab, you can click on the Titan Payment Portal to add money to your children’s accounts.