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We are excited to provide an in-house lunch program here at HCA! Our lovely local parent and chef Tauvas Johnson provides a healthy, balanced, spread everyday! Monday and Tuesday follows a theme with various side dishes such as Mexican Tacos or Breakfast for Lunch or American Subs. Wednesdays are catered by a partnering organization offering hot lunches pre-ordered to secure "just right" portions and orders. We try to maximize on our supplies and use only what is needed so we avoid waste! Thursday usually includes a pasta bar with several delicious customized sauces and Friday is the favorite with pizza and ice cream choices! Our in-house chef is greatly appreciated for making our food each and every day for our community. We can always use extra hands to help keep our lines running smoothly and timely. Check out the other pages for more information! 
If you can volunteer your time please sign up here: http:// :)
Please arrive by 10:50am in order to help set up lunch in time by 11:00am-12:00pm and be prepared to stay an extra few minutes afterwards to help assist with clean up. We greatly appreciate you help and time!
Here are the grade level lunch times according to 5 minute increments in order of grade level. 
Kindergarten: 11:00-11:30am
1st grade: 11:05-11:35am
2nd grade: 11:10-11:40am
3rd grade: 11:15-11:45am
4th grade: 11:20-11:50am
5th grade: 11:25-11:55am
P.E. starts accordingly at 12:00pm each day so the lunch tables and area need to be clean and cleared efficiently and fully! Thank you for your cooperation. We need helpers to help monitor the lunch line, lunch room, cutlery supplies, clean up, and additional assistance. Lunch and P.E. both take place in our multi-purpose room also known as "the nest". Various staff members will be around to help answer any questions you may have while volunteering!