Welcome to the Physical Education Program!


    NEWS FLASH...Guilford Elementary Receives Governor's
    GOLD AWARD for Nutrition & Physical Activity, June 2008 !

    This is a huge recognition for the entire school.  Only a handful of schools across the entire Commonwealth of Virginia have earned the GOLD Award. 
    Way to go Gators, way to go!!!
    As part of Loudoun County Public Schools, our students have Physical Education two times each week ( 1, 60 minute class and 1, 30 minute class) during the school week with (         or Ms. Jones). In the left margin you can see all the links to the P.E. web page, including the current school year schedule. Other information will be added as is deemed necessary. There will be a monthly newsletter in the Physical Education section of the Guilford School Newsletter, and a monthly P.E. Newsletter online here.
    We are glad you are part of our Guilford school family this year, and anticipate another productive and fun school year! 

    Guilford Gator Physical Education Rules:


    1 No Sliding

    2 Follow Directions


    3 Wear Rubber Soled Shoes



    4 Be Kind to Everyone



    5 Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to Yourself
    6.Act your Age, not your Shoe Size