• Welcome to Music!

                       Music instruction at Guilford Elementary is provided for all students in grades K through 5.  Students in Kindergarten, attend a 30-minute class once per week.  Students in grades 1-5, attend a 60-minute class once per week.  Music class activities encompass four general areas: singing, listening, moving and playing classroom instruments.  Instructional content includes the musical elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, form, tone color, and expression.  Lessons on orchestral instruments, music history and multicultural music are also included in the curriculum, as well as opportunities for creativity. 
                        The music room is equipped with a variety of instruments: acoustic and electronic keyboards (primarily for teacher use); numerous traditional and multicultural unpitched percussion instruments; pitched percussion instruments such as xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, tone chimes and bell sets; classroom string instruments such as autoharps and baritone ukuleles.  Students in 4th and 5th grades are asked to purchase their own recorders.  The layout of the room provides students a place to sit on “flip-forms” as well as an open area for movement activities.  The text used is SHARE THE MUSIC, published by Macmillan/McGraw Hill and MAKING MUSIC by Silver Burdett.