• Welcome to ELL!

    Welcome to the Guilford ELL Program! Our ELLs (English Language Learners) represent a variety of cultures and a wide range of educational and language experiences. To meet the needs of these English Language Learners, the ELL instructional program in Loudoun County Public Schools is a multi-faceted, structured English language immersion program. It is designed to promote English language acquisition for non-native English speakers, with the goal of ensuring academic and social success now and in the future.
    At Guilford, our ELL program offers small-group ELL instruction that focuses specifically on increasing reading, writing, listening, and speaking proficiencies, as well as academic support within the general classroom. The ELL team at Guilford is comprised of linguistically and culturally diverse, professional staff. We are committed to serving our students through customized instruction that supports the Virginia Standards of Learning, while helping our students increase their social and academic English proficiency.