• Absentee Information 

    The Guilford Absentee Call-In Program is a child safety sponsored by the Loudoun County School Board and implemented by the Guilford PTA. This program is run in accordance with the Virginia State Law which mandates that all parents of public school students be contacted to verify their child's absence from school.  When your child is going to be absent or tardy, please call 571-434-4551 by 9:00 A.M. to leave a message on Guilford's answering machine.  The machine operates 24 hours a day
    When you call, we need the following:

            1.  Child's name, grade, teacher

            2.  Date or dates your child will be absent or tardy


    We have an extended absence list for students who will be absent for more than one day. Your child's name is automatically deleted from the list once he/she returns to school. This avoids your having to call several days in a row. Please be specific about the dates you expect your child to be absent. If your child remains absent for more days than originally indicated, please call again and leave the new information on the answering machine.


    Parents of afternoon kindergarten students should also use the Absentee Call-In Program. If the call to the answering machine cannot be made before 9:00 A.M., parents should call a school secretary at 571-434-4550 with the information.