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Guilford Elementary School

Guilford gets its name from Sterling Park's former railroad station being known as "Guilford Station" in the 1860s.The school was built in 1966 and serves children in Grades K-5.  The school is nestled in a well-maintained community and is the hub of social activities for its families. We're known as the “Guilford Gators” and our school colors are green, gold, and white.

Guilford was renovated in the fall of 1999, and this process continued through the spring and summer of 2000.  All new heating and cooling systems were installed at that time along with all new windows, outside doors and ceiling tiles. A new gym, four classrooms and a set of bathrooms were also added during this renovation period. Our students and staff take great pride in our building and work hard to keep it in great condition.

The staff believes that we truly hold the future in our hands, and because of this teaching and learning are the most important goals of our school. Our school-wide assemblies, activities and programs are selected and planned to support the learning process and the Standards of Learning.

Last Modified on December 20, 2019