• Welcome to Mrs. Munno's
    fifth grade class!


    Dear Students and Parents,
          Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  I hope you are as excited as I am!  When you come into the school, you'll get the definite feeling that every student will have the opportunity to shine their brightest this year!  Our current PBiS theme is "Shine Bright with the 3 Rs."  As we go through the school year, I will be asking the students in my class to follow the 3 Rs.  I will ask them to show Respect for themselves and others, to demonstrate Responsibility for their learning, and to build positive Relationships with students and adults.  
          There are many opportunities to shine brightly in fifth grade.  Students can succeed through academic achievements, like making progress in reading, challenging themselves in math, developing creativity during writing, or applying our amazing fifth grade science concepts to the world around them (I LOVE Science!).   Another way to succeed in fifth grade is by taking responsibility and always doing your own "personal best."  The last, and perhaps the most important way to succeed in my class, is through building successful personal relationships, by doing things like showing respect and exhibiting extreme kindness to classmates and teachers.  Not only are the "3 Rs," Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships, the three building blocks of our school's PBiS framework, but these will be the same building blocks that we use in our classroom to create a positive environment where everyone feels accepted, respected, and ready to learn.
                I have been a proud member of the Frances Hazel Reid staff for the last 14 years.  My husband and I have lived in Virginia for over 30 years, although I am originally from Washington state and my husband is from New York (go Giants!).  We have 3 terrific kids, two of whom had their own valuable experiences here at FHR.
          I am thrilled to once again be teaching fifth grade with our talented fifth grade team, and look forward to getting to know this year's students and your families.  Get ready to shine brightly during a school year rich with learning and fun!  
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    Mrs. Munno 
Last Modified on September 14, 2019