The Department of Support Services

  • Mission Statement

     Our mission is to support the LCPS educational mission of "Empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world" by providing quality facilities, nutritious meals and safe transportation for the students and staff of Loudoun County Public Schools.


    Department Overview

     The Department of Support Services comprises the divisions that oversee Construction Services, Facilities Services, the Office of Support Services, Planning Services, School Nutrition Services, Safety and Security Services and Transportation Services.


     The Department supports the instructional program by providing quality, safe, comfortable, well-maintained educational facilities and grounds; safe student transportation; high quality, nutritious foods that students enjoy and are affordable.  All aspects of the school system – physical plant, furnishings in the classrooms, materials utilized in maintaining our facilities, the nutritious meals served are provided with the desire to be most efficient and effective.  As effective stewards of the public trust, we pride ourselves on our sustainability and energy conservation efforts as part of our culture in Loudoun County Public Schools.


     The Department of Support Services services and maintains 90 schools and six support facilities for a total building area of approximately 12 million square feet and 2,998 acres of campus along with anticipated increased student enrollment.  Many of the schools we consider new have already passed their ten year anniversary of operation and are entering their equipment replacement cycle.


     The Department of Support Services mission reflects the vision of our assessment of citizen expectation, our professional assessment of the future of facilities, construction and maintenance, of Transportation and School Nutrition Services, and the risks of today’s world.

  • Assistant Superintendent

    Department of Support Services

    Kevin L. Lewis, PE



    Kevin L. Lewis, PE



Last Modified on November 27, 2018