Frances Hazel Reid

    Health Office Information for School Website



    Health Office

    Ms. Frecia Albarrasin

    Health Clinic Specialist


    571-252-2050 at Frances Hazel Reid Elementary


     7:00 AM-2:30 PM


    Shaunita Rhone, RN

    Resource Nurse

    571-252-1017 at Student Health Services

    Shaunita Rhone, RN



    Health Clinic Specialists (HCS’s) are trained in First Aid, CPR, AED use, and Medication Administration (including Diabetes management), and work under the direct supervision of a Resource Nurse who is a Registered Nurse. HCS’s are stationed in the Offices of each elementary school, and are available every day during school hours. HCS’s are not allowed to make a medical diagnosis or give medical advice. If you have an urgent medical concern, please take your child to your personal physician, an urgent care, or an emergency room, depending on the situation.

    Resource Nurses supervise the Health Clinic Specialists in the elementary schools and develop health-related training programs for school personnel.  The Resource Nurse must be a Registered Nurse (R.N.) with at least a Bachelor's degree in Nursing.  Each Resource Nurse covers 8-12 schools and is available via cell phone if needed by an HCS. Resource Nurses visit the Health Offices they cover frequently, and are available to parents via phone or email for any questions or concerns.


    If your child has any significant medical needs, please notify the HCS, even if the school has been notified in previous years. If your child has Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures or Life-Threatening Allergies or other medical conditions, you and your physician need to annually complete a form so that the school will be able to address your child’s needs. These forms are available on the Frances Hazel Reid Website in the information drop down menu under Health Office or on the Loudoun County Public Schools Website (https://www.lcps.org) in the For Parents drop down menu under Medication in School.


    On the Frances Hazel Reid Website you may also find LCPS policy for over the counter medications, sick child guidelines and immunization requirements. Be sure to keep the Emergency Information updated in ParentVue, so that we can reach you if your child is ill or injured.

Last Modified on August 19, 2022