• Department of Human Resources and Talent Development

    21000 Education Court
    Ashburn, Virginia 20148
    PH: (571) 252-1100
    FX: (571) 252-1663



    Cultivating a high-performing team of professionals focused on our mission and goals
    Dr. Kimberly L. Hough
    Assistant Superintendent
    Christopher G. Bennett
    Director - Elementary, Special ED and HRMS
    Lisa M. Boland
    Director - Support Services, Central Office and Classification
    HRTD - Support, Central Office and Classification Organizational Chart
    Director - Recruitment, Secondary and Operations
    Julie M. Baye
    Supervisor - Mentoring and Coaching 
    Sharon L. Bean
    Supervisor - Elementary
    Eunice B. Bourque
    Supervisor - HRMS
    Laura M. Collins
    Supervisor - Recruitment
    Julie A. Cuocci
    Supervisor - Evaluation
    Nicole D. Davis
    Supervisor - Special Education
     Matthew Dickersheid
    Supervisor - Leadership Development
    Gary R. Gearhart
    Supervisor - Transportation/Safety & Security
    Kristi L. Hurd
    Supervisor - Secondary
    Katie E. Kutch
    Supervisor - Support
    Haroon Rasheed
    Supervisor - Classification & Compensation
    Alix E. Smith
    Supervisor - Equity, Compliance, and Respectful Workplace
     Steve R. Walter
    Supervisor - Operations 
    Sophie D. Burke
    Coordinator - Elementary
    Alisa S. Daniel
    Coordinator - Elementary
    Kirstin Drye
    Coordinator - Support
    Alexis M. Goble
    Coordinator - Elementary
    Muriel A. Heanue
    Coordinator - High
    Stacie Lopez
    Coordinator - Special Education
    Allison L. Sherman
    Coordinator - Special Education
    Ashleigh L. Stocks
    Coordinator - Middle
    Angel M. Wiley
    Coordinator - High
    Coordinator - Transportation
    Kristen Hilsdorf
    Specialist - Auditing & Analytics
     Lori A. Merryweather
    Specialist - HRMS
    Bonnie M. Robertson
    Specialist - Sub Central
    Specialist - HRMS
    Specialist - Auditing & Analytics
    Ashley E. Hicks
    Jonathon M. Mandina
Last Modified on May 16, 2019