The 2021-2022 school year my 22nd year of teaching, I have been lucky enough to spend all 22 here at Evergreen Mill Elementary. My first 13 years were spent teaching 4th grade, and then I was finally promoted to 5th grade.   I am a graduate of Loudoun County Public Schools.  I attended Catoctin Elementary School, Blue Ridge Middle School, and am a graduate of Loudoun Valley High School.  I graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in Elementary Education.  I also earned my Master's Degree in Reading from Frostburg State University. 


    I live in Leesburg with my amazing wife, who is a P.E. teacher.  We have three amazing children, a 10th grader, a 7th grader, and also a 3rd grader.  In my spare time, I love to spending as much time as possible with my family, I will never turn down a good book, books for kids and for grown ups.  I love running, I am more the tortoise than the hare.  I love to go the beach and putting my little piggies in the sand, as much as possible.


    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact him, bruce.blakeney@lcps.org, or you can always send a note with your child in his or her planner/agenda.


    Dear PARENTS:

    "The content of the websites listed below are NOT CONTROLLED by Loudoun County Public Schools. While school staff thoroughly reviews all links, the content may unexpectedly change.  If you find content which you consider inappropriate, please bring the matter to the attention of the building principal or the TRT**.  Remember that these webpages may link to other pages or advertisements that have not been reviewed and were not intended for student use. EXPLORE at YOUR OWN RISK!"

                   Here are some websites that may be of benefit to your children: 
    Language Arts
    Factor Captor - Click HERE!
    Math Mayhem-Basic Fact Practice -Click HERE!
     Action Fractions -Click HERE!
         Around the World in 80 Seconds (MATH) -Click HERE
                                                    Basic Facts Math Quizes (Grades 3-5) -Click HERE!
                                                                             Canon Math -Click HERE!
                                                                   CoolMath4Kids: Arithmetic Game -Click HERE!
                                                                         CoolMath4Kids: Make 15 -Click HERE!
                                                                      CoolMath4Kids: Math Man -Click HERE!
                                                                            Create a Graph -Click HERE!
                                                                            Decention Math -Click HERE!
                                                                         Demolition Division -Click HERE!
                                                                         Enchanted Learning -Click HERE!
                                                               Fact Monster: Online Fact Resources -Click HERE!
                                                                            Figure THIS!! -Click HERE!
                                                                         Granny Prix: Addition -Click HERE!
                                                      Greatest Common Factor - CLICK HERE! 
                                                         Least Common Multiple - CLICK HERE!
                                                                               Math Cats -Click HERE!
                                                                      Math Dictionary 4 KIDS -Click HERE!
                                                                               Math Hunt -Click HERE!
                                                                            Math IS Fun! -Click HERE!
                                                                      Math Match (+, -, X) -Click HERE!
                                                                         Measuring ANGLES -Click HERE!
                                                                      Meteor Multiplication -Click HERE!
                                                    Multiplication Madness - Quia (Grades 3-5) -Click HERE!
                                                       Number Invaders (Multiplication/Division) -Click HERE!
                                                                Number Scrambler (Memory) -Click HERE!
                                                                Patty's Paints (Multiplication) -Click HERE!
                                                                            Portaportal Math -Click HERE!
                                                                                     PuzzleMaths:Click HERE!
                                                                   Soccer Shootout (Funbrain - Math) -Click HERE!
                                                                   Timed FLASH Cards (Intermediate) -Click HERE!
                                                                Who is That? (Funbrain - Famous People) -Click HERE!
                                                                         Weigh the Wangdoodles (Algebra) -Click HERE!
    Order of Operations - Click HERE! 
    Order of Operations-Arithmetic Game - Click HERE! 
    Order of Operations-MathMan Game - Click HERE! 
    Order of Operations-PEMDAS Blaster - Click HERE!
    Order of Operations- Royal Rescue - Click HERE! 
    Horrendous Soup - Click HERE!
    Standard System Rap - Click HERE!
    BBC Measurement - Click HERE! 
    Metric and Standard Ruler Use - Click HERE! 
    FunBrain Measurement - Click HERE! 
    Party Designer - Click HERE! 
    Weebly - Click HERE! 
    Math Playground - Click HERE! 
    Metric Conversions - Click HERE! 
    Fundamental Counting Principle - Click HERE! 
    Social Science 
     Longitude and Latitude Song Click HERE! 
    Tour the States song Click HERE!
    50 states and capitals - Click HERE
    Southeast states - Click HERE!
    Southeast states - Click HERE! 
    Southeast capitals - Click HERE! 
    Southeast states and capitals - Click HERE! 
    Rock Cycle Song - Click HERE! 
    Jefferson Lab - Click HERE!