Briar Woods High School
    Black Forest Productions 
    As I leave Briar Woods to open Riverside High School -
    I would like to thank all of the Students and Parents
    for such an amazing time here at BWHS!  
    I will miss you all!
        Marilyn Gilligan
     BWHS  2006 - 2015 
    Music man Frac  Fools Drac Frac2 JH Crazy 12 FF Charlie Footloose Robin Hood FF Sherlock Cinderella Haunted Clue Alice FF Grimm Castle Wizard Beetlejuice Nine Elizabeth yet another one High school Princess Goon Pink Panther Awesome FF Catching The Strigoi anothedr Little mermaid Musketeer Bree Live it up The Dare Nevermore CC Guys and Dolls FF Zombies LB FF2014 30reasons Peterpan Shrek JK
    Briar Woods High School Theatre  
Last Modified on June 9, 2015