Mrs. Woodward and Ms. Demory



    School Counseling Mission


    The Evergreen Mill School Counseling Program provides child-centered, developmental, and preventive services that promote students' academic, social/ emotional, and career awareness at each stage of their de­velopment. Evergreen Mill believes when children are provided a safe and nurturing environment they reach their highest potential. 


    School Counseling Vision


    ·         To provide counseling services that are inclusive and re­spectful of student and staff differences in gen­der, religion, ethnicity, race, ability, handicap­ping condition, and age. 

    ·         To work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to help implement the program in a systematic fashion to ensure all students succeed in school and are prepared for meaningful, productive living.

    ·         Implement a comprehensive school counseling program that teaches student’s valuable academic, personal/social, and career skills that they will take with them throughout their entire educational experience.

    ·         To implement a school counseling program based on accurate data specific to the needs of Evergreen Mill Elementary School

    ·         To ensure the comprehensive school counseling program is provided by a Virginia Licensed and accredited School Counselor.