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    Meet your Reading Specialist…

    Mrs. Marilyn Clerkin begins her 38th year as a Reading Specialist and her eleventh year at Briar Woods High School. Currently, Mrs. Clerkin is in her nineteenth year with LCPS. She has taught all grade levels, from Kindergarten to college, and worked in several states and Europe before coming to Virginia.  

    During her tenure with LCPS, Mrs. Clerkin spent five years as an itinerant, traveling between various schools...County High, Heritage, Stone Bridge, and Douglass Alternative Ed. School, and one year at Freedom High School.  

    Mrs. Clerkin’s role as Reading Specialist at Briar Woods High School is three-fold: to help students become stronger readers, to serve as a resource for content area teachers, and to promote literacy throughout the school community. With this in mind, do not hesitate to enlist her help and expertise to enrich a strong readership at Briar Woods High School.  E-mail me!
    Mrs. Clerkin with herself
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