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    (Social Studies)

    My 2019-2020 Schedule:

     1st  Planning (Room 207)  5th  A.P. Psychology (Room 211)
     2nd  A.P. Psychology (211)  6th  A.P. Psychology (211)
     3rd  World Religions (211)  7th  Planning (207)
     4th  Planning (207)  8th  World Religions (211)
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     - Psychology Club; Philosophy Club; Indian Student Association
      Manish Shah  
         Hi! My name is Manish Shah and I am a Social Studies teacher here at Briar Woods High School for the 14th straight year.  I am teaching students several electives:  In the Fall of 2019, I will be instructing A.P. Psychology (3 classes), as well as World Religions (2 classes).  (In the Spring of 2020, Religions will end and 2 classes of World of Ideas (Philosophy) will begin .)
         After graduating from the University of Virginia, my wife and I lived in Los Angeles, California for several years.  Realizing that we wanted to start our family closer to home, we moved back to Northern Virginia and began raising our two sons in Loudoun County.  I decided to switch careers at this point and pursue my passionate, lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.  I soon enrolled in the Graduate Education program at George Mason University in order to complete the requirements for my teaching license and finish my Masters degree.
         After I completed my student teaching at Robinson Secondary in Fairfax County, I immediately submitted my resume to Briar Woods.  Not only do I live close to the school, but its reputation and high standards of quality and excellence further fueled my intense desire to teach at this wonderful institution.  I am thrilled to be working here at Briar Woods and promise to do everything I can to best educate my students.
         Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.  (The best way is to e-mail me at the address noted above, right below my schedule.)  Thank you.
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